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It makes me look more interesting than I really am =p

(thanks to cutting_onions for the banner!)



Nice banner :D

Do you mind if I add you?
No, no. Please do! =)
adore tu livejournal
todo apretadito me encanto!
ojala pases por el mio asi para compartir cosas de house :D haha beso!

Me encanta House y cosas todos de House. Lo siento por mi español. Mi lengua materna es ingles. Besos a usted!
HOUSE/Cuddy fan!!
Add me? :D
Oh, and add X-Files fan to that list. :D
Weee! My two epic fandoms! Added =)
Hey there!

Okay... I;ll try to keep this short and sweet because if not, I tend to ramble and the effects aren't THE prettiest things you'll ever see/read/whatever. See, I'm doing it already. Ach, FAIL.

Anyhoo, I just flailed to kingdom-come over the House promo for episode 23 and then I stumbled across your journal and went right back into squee-mode. Dude, your layout is the most awesome thing that ever awesome-d! So basically, yus, I suck but also, you're a Huddy shipper so that automatically makes you one of the best people in ze world, PLUS you ship Booth-Brennan and eeee, you just went higher up the cool-ladder. (ha, I realise that I just made that immediately UNcool but giving it a name... I should just stop talking.) What I am trying and failing to say is that we both ship two amaaazing couples and eee, I just noticed that you also like Mac/Stella so yay (:

If you've not run for the hills in fear already, wanna be friends? (:
(I'm harmless really hehee, sane? Not so much. eeek.)
Woo hoo! Friends indeed!
Hi there,

Just reading through the LiveJournal thread at Haven and noticed the link to your LJ so thought I'd stop by. I'm Em1991 at Haven, by the way. Just read your profile and have seen we have a few things in common so am hoping it's okay to add you.

PS. I'm so with you on the poor English = don't even bother contacting me.
Awesome! Adding you back.
I just saw that you're also a House/Lisa/XFiles fan ♥

May I add you? :)
Oh yes! Let's be friends.
Not only are you a House/Cuddy fan... but your six degrees made me giggle because WE ARE THE SAME. Specifically levels 2 & 5.

Yes, absolutely!
Hiiii, I've seen you around the Bones and House communities for a while now...would you like to be friends? :D

Bones, Castle, The X-Files, House, some common 'ships, and being from Texas are some common interests. :)
Yes, lets! Adding you as well.