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Jan. 12th, 2009


What's to say?

I pooped a month away. I mean, basically. I did nothing, went nowhere, and got little accomplished this Christmas break. I did manage to read about four books. (Breaking Dawn, 11 Minutes, Brida, By the River Piedra I Sat and Wept) I also knocked out four seasons of CSI: NY. Apparently I am a rampant shipper or something (since I don't get enough loving irl, I suppose I have to live vicariously through tv) so I found another couple I like: Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor. I don't see that one happening though.

School is about to start for me for the last time. I have to take my teacher certification test and content area test, then I can teach high school English in the state of Texas. I am not sure how excited I am about all of it really. Things now are so geared toward teaching to the TAKS test, I am not sure I even care. I am sure I will find something though....

Yay for Bones being back this Thursday! Yay for House being on Monday! THERE IS HUDDY!SEX to be had and I am waiting for it like a good child. *grin* I am so impatient though.

Dec. 4th, 2008


So bored!

I have come to the conclusion today that I am a person who loves to fidget. And by that, I mean that I have a short attention span and then my anxiety levels go through the roof. I've been trying to just sit here all freaking day and it is killing me. Changing from teaching to not teaching is tough. I wonder how I ever got through 12 years of public education and another 6 in college. Monday is my last day I have to physically be here. So, two more days of sitting for 8 hours, just observing.

On a totally unrelated note:


Why am I excited for the moment in this picture, especially since I am so mad at House right now? I have no idea. His eyes look thoughtful though and I hope that no one else is in the room with him while he and Cuddy are talking. I want the show to go off for the break with a happy note to leave my Huddy heart on. Here's to all my Huddies and to grander things than the sad boob grab this week.

And, for the life of me, I can't figure out why he hasn't jumped her yet. She's hot. Smoking hot!

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Dec. 3rd, 2008


Ok, this is back in 07...but still

Found this just now and it amuses the hell out of me.

TVGuide.com: House has been so busy with his candidates, we haven't gotten as much of Cuddy lately. Will we see more of her soon?
Lisa Edelstein: It's still pretty much focused on the new team, and it just starts becoming more of the regular construction of the episodes after Episode 9 [airing Nov. 27]. But then... everyone went on strike, so we've only got up till Episode 12 in the can, so Cuddy won't be sleeping with House unless we get the writers back. So I'm out there picketing.

TVGuide.com: It would be quite something if the two of them got it on!
Edelstein: I'm all for Cuddy having sex sometime this season, so honk if you want to see my boobs.

-If I were in L.A. then, I would have parked my car and stuck the horn on permanent blare.

I'm just sayin'.....
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Nov. 3rd, 2008


You and...maybe a couple of others

Oh, Lisa Edelstein. I would so be gay with you. Why? Take a look:

Lisa Edelstein Pictures, Images and Photos

Total hotness! I'd probably be gay for Emily Deschanel too...but right now, I am not as obsessed with her. Is it odd to feel that way? Perhaps so.

Oct. 21st, 2008


Writer's Block: Cryptozoology

Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, el chupacabra—what is your favorite creature that may or may not exist?

ROFL. I have to go with el chupacabra. I guess most of it has to do with the region I live in (West Texas) and the Hispanic culture has a large influence on the life around here. Granted, I have never had the privilege (?) of chatting it up with a believer (and I myself don't believe) but it would be nice to talk about it with someone.

Plus, I always hear Scully's words in my head as well: "It's not that Mexican goat sucker either."
(Bad Blood, everyday it's Bad Blood)

Good stuff.

Oct. 16th, 2008


(no subject)

Oh, HAI. Yeah, I'm still sick. I went to the convenience store this morning and bought Aleve and cough drops. (which you know had been sitting there forever because convenience stores never restock anything.) I looked like a drug bandit walking out the door with my sack of medicine and a sugary coffee.

It's another day of zero sunshine as well, and while I mostly love that fact, days such as this make me want to be a bum and lay in bed all day. But I can't because the future leaders of America need an education. Woo. Speaking of which, my university supervisor is supposed to show up 7th period and tell me what a crap job I am doing. Hmph. I think my idea is bitchin' but who knows how it will turn out. On a similar note, I also did a cool thing with the 10th grade in which they are creating pod casts for a story they read. If they would put forth some effort, the activity could be really fun.

I am thinking that I have stepped off of the Booth and Brennan shipper wagon for Bones. It has become tiring to watch them and I am getting the feeling that they would just make better friends in the end. *plays Taps* I was such a hardcore shipper for them and Mulder and Scully, so I am not sure how this all happened.

I'm hungry. And I should go.

Oct. 14th, 2008


I got pwned by the funk

I feel...like hell.

Being sick is ftl. I feel like something burrowed into my chest and set off a bomb from the inside. I haven't been sleeping, so today I am dragging all kinds of ass. And in two hours and five minutes, I have to get up and teach three classes of loud high schoolers. It's these rainy, ikcy feeling days that I wish I were still in school so it would be okay for me to not show up.

Oct. 10th, 2008



Gravy makes things taste better.

That is all.

Oct. 9th, 2008


Woo-boy 2

So, I have been working through my homework at an agonizingly slow pace. (because I am still halfway lazy and getting over being a college student bum) Part of my teacher prep course requires me to read sample papers of other people's work, dealing with a poetry writing prompt. Reading them has been making my eyes cross. I know I have been doing this stuff for the last six years, learning how to write an academic paper. Most of my experience has been with analysis of literature though, not poetry.

When I write my poetry, I do not think of rhyme or rhythm. I don't think about couplets or quatrains or stanzas. And to be perfectly honest, I don't even remember what a freaking quatrain is. My conclusion? I am going to have to go back and study poetry elements just so I can remember wtf iambic means.

So what is my point? THE POINT is that I am spazzing out, worrying that maybe I am not as smart as these faceless beings who had more guidance in their education perhaps than I did. When I look back, who REALLY helped me learn how to write?

1) Thanks to Dr. Schonberg. He taught me to pick apart language and arrange it to where it makes people sound smarter than they are. 2) Thanks to Dr. Gates. She taught me the art of the lesson plan and how to push myself creatively when it comes to what I teach and how I teach it. Without her, I would be mostly lost. I mean, more than I am anyway.

On another note, I wish I could be Bobby Flay for a day and throwdown! with my university super. Something about her just irks the crap out of me. I think it may be the condescending look she gives me because, let's be real-I look like a hippy teacher compared to the older folks roaming around here.


For my final thought, I got a Scully haircut without intentionally trying to. I don't look as fly as her. *pokes icon* Ah, those were the days.

Oct. 6th, 2008


Your Mom

Title: It’s the Weather

Plot: Based on moments of time for Mulder and Scully, this is a journey through their relationship pertaining to weather related events. Really, you’ll see.

Rating: T (for totally awesome =p ) Some language and sensitive
situations will be a part of this story I imagine.

Disclaimer: Why does anyone ever put these? Anyway, not mine yadda yadda. I am still all for the Mulder and Scully Happy Meal though. Who should we write to? Imagine pulling out the Flukeman from your box of happiness. *snickers*

Spoilers: Series=over. Watch it, k?

Notes: I haven’t written any fan-fic in ages. I love feedback, so let me know how I am faring. (cse_tx_2000@yahoo.com)

And so it beganCollapse )

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